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Our Construction Process

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Our 10 phase construction process for a standard installation of a pool takes roughly 10-12 weeks for completion. This projected timeframe is free of issues that may occur and free of bad weather (whether it is before or during construction). Another factor that will affect your completion time will be the complexity of your project.

Phase 1: Excavation.

Phase 2: Frame, steel, and plumb followed by city inspection.

Phase 3: Gunite.

Phase 4: Install waterline and edge tile.

Phase 5: Frame and rebar for decking followed by city inspection. Install coping if applicable.

Phase 6: Install decking. Install water features if applicable.

Phase 7: Clean up and fence reinstallation.

Phase 8: Plaster pool and fill with water.

Phase 9: Pool School!

Phase 10: City final inspection.

Let us begin this next step in your pool building dreams!

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