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Cleaning Your Filter Cartridges

Cleaning your filter cartridges is very important for maintaining the efficiency of your pool equipment and maintaining healthy water quality. Filters should be cleaned at least every other month; however, they may need to be cleaned more often depending on environmental debris (trees shedding, grass, dirt debris, etc.).

Join PENTAIR as they walk us through the proper safety and service of their Clean and Clear Plus Filter.

*All filter cartridge cleanings are universal in the steps of safety, servicing, and cleaning.

Opening the Filter

1) Shut off the pump and relieve all pressure from the filtration system.

  1. Turn the pump OFF, shut OFF any automatic controls, and disconnect power at the circuit breaker.

  2. Open the Manual Air Relief Valve by turning the top of the valve counterclockwise until it snaps into the full open position.

  3. Stand clear of the filter and wait until all pressure is relieved. The pressure gauge must read zero (0) psi.

2) Open the drain plug at the bottom of the filter and allow all water to drain from the filter.

3) Loosen the clamp barrel nut, and allow the spring coils to decompress.

4) Remove the clamp ring from the filter and place it aside.

5) Carefully lift the filter lid away from the bottom of the tank bottom. DO NOT lift the filter lid by the air relief valve. This can damage the valve.

*If the lid is tightly sealed to the tank bottom you may have to gently wiggle the

filter lid side to side to separate the tank halves. DO NOT use a screwdriver or pry

bar to lift the lid. This can damage the O-ring.

6) Place the tank lid and O-ring in a safe place where it will not be damaged while performing maintenance.

*Minimize the amount of debris that comes in contact with the tank O-ring while it

is exposed.

Cleaning the Filter Cartridges

1) Follow the Opening the Filter instructions above.

2) Remove the pump strainer pot lid and clean the pump strainer basket. reinstall the strainer basket and lid.

3) Remove the Compression Spring and Spring Adapter from the Top Manifold.

4) Remove the Top Manifold from the filter cartridges and lay the manifold aside.

5) Carefully remove each cartridge separately.

6) Using a garden hose with a straight flow nozzle, hold the nozzle at a 45-degree angle to the cartridge and wash the entire cartridge from top to bottom.

*Pay special attention to the area between the pleats. DO NOT use a pressure

washer to clean your filter cartridges.

7) Wash out the inside of the filter tank and bottom manifold. Water and debris will drain out through the open drain plug.

8) Inspect the gasket around the outer lip of the bottom plate. The gasket must be firmly and evening seated around the entirety of the outer lip.

9) Place the bottom manifold, cartridges, and top manifold into the tank, ensuring the spring and standpipe assembly are retained on the top manifold.

10) Ensure the O-ring is clean and seat it onto the tank bottom.

11) Close the filter by following the Reinstalling the Filter Lid and Clamp Ring instructions below.

Reinstalling the Filter Lid and Clamp Ring

1) Ensure the O-ring is clean and properly seated on the tank bottom. Seat the filter lid onto the tank bottom so the O-ring fits in between the tank halves.

2) Hold the ends of the clamp ring apart and place them over both the upper and lower tank flanges. Bring the ends of the filter clamp together.

3) Insert the T-bolt through the other side of the clamp and hold together.

4) Place the small washer onto the T-bolt.

5) Place the spring, large washer and barrel nut onto the T-bolt and tighten the nut by hand. Ensure the clamp ring fits easily on the tank flanges.

6) After tightening by hand:

  1. Use a socket wrench to tighten further.

  2. Tap around the entire clamp ring with a rubber mallet or similar tool multiple times to fit the clamp properly.

  3. Continue to tighten until the spring coils touch.

  4. Tap around the entire clamp again and verify the spring coils remain touching. If not, continue to tighten the nut.

7) Close the drain plug at the bottom of the filter.

8) Follow the Start-Up Instructions below.

Start-Up Instructions

1) Ensure the spring on the clamp ring is fully compressed, with coils touching.

2) Open the Manual Air Relief Valve by turning the top of the valve counterclockwise, until it snaps into the full open position.

3) Stand clear of the filter, connect power at the circuit breaker, then start the pump.

4) Watch for proper operation. The system is not working properly if:

  • The pressure gauge indicates pressure before water out-flow appears.

  • A solid stream of water does not appear within 30 seconds after the pump's inlet basket fills with water.

  • Water leaks from where the two halves of the filter come together.

*If any of these conditions exist, SHUT OFF THE PUMP IMMEDIATELY. Open the manual air relief valve to relieve pressure and clean the valve.

5) After a steady stream of water appears, close the manual air relief valve by turning the valve cover assembly a quarter turn clockwise.

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